Having tried numerous different methods to reclaim myself from depression, anxiety and eating disorders, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting have been phenomenally helpful. They have provided me with complete control and clarity and I'm grateful to have discovered them at the ripe old age of 20. Angela is a humble lady who sees you as a human being with all of your human potential. She's non judgemental and understanding and made me feel at ease immediately. The therapy feels creative, uplifting and proactive. I highly recommend people of all ages to seek these therapies for help with many core issues and Angela, with many years of experience, is a brilliant lady to do it.ID, London
I needed help in dealing with recurring and very stressful attacks of anxiety. Matt quickly made me feel comfortable and safe. His sessions together with his homework gave me the right insights and tools to overcome my anxiety. To my surprise I could feel positive change very fast. Now I feel so much more confident in myself and in the future. I'm very grateful for Matt's help and highly recommend him for people seeking therapy.CT, London
When I saw Angela I was in despair. I felt unhappy. My relationship was in jeopardy. I saw no way out. Knowing nothing about the procedures, I was reassured by her. She was clearly mature and experienced. As she took me through the work it became easier. It also made sense to me. The result is life transforming. I am truly myself, relaxed and confident. My relationship is not just repaired but enhanced. I am indebted to her.VH, London
For 5 years I'd been doing different therapies and, though they helped me in a way, I was still left with a sense of uneasiness, emptiness and anxiety I couldn't get rid of. However this changed completely this summer when I had several sessions of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting with Matt. During the sessions he guided me back to heal difficult periods of my life in a gentle, effective and NON TRAUMATIC way. Until then I'd had an unconscious resistance to thinking of certain events, however Matt's gentle, soothing approach made me feel safe at all times and allowed me to heal these past issues.RE, London
I came to see Angela when I was having anger issues after a recommendation from a friend. I was apprehensive about attending therapy, not knowing what to expect, but the first time I met Angela I was made to feel very comfortable and at ease. So much so that my consultation session turned into actual therapy work! Angela is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in many therapeutic techniques, which she expertly worked with to provide the best solution for my needs. In total I had four session and we covered so much in that time. My issues were resolved and I have been much happier since. I cannot recommend Angela highly enough!OT, London
I came across Matt when my marriage ended in 2016 after 12 years of psychological abuse. Matt was a life saver, supporting me through this heartbreaking ordeal and helping with the effects of the abuse and also trauma from childhood treatment for a spinal condition. Matt's methods are unique and he has a good style for helping people whose life is suddenly turned upside down. I'd been to psychiatrists, because my symptoms were so severe with acute anxiety, psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, PTSD and acute trauma, but doctors didn’t know how treat me. Through working with Matt I gradually faced my symptoms and located the root in my childhood. As he helped my recovery, I started to draw again and produced detailed drawings, which helped the trauma and with the therapy have worked wonders. I've a way to go with my life still, but now have freedom from all that suffocated me. I’m very, very grateful and recommend Matt to anyone. He's caring and understanding and helped me go forward and unravel the jungle! I’m very lucky to found such a fantastic professional therapist. Highly recommended.OU, London
Hypno works! After a very productive therapy I know myself much better and have got the tools to manage my anxiety. Stressful situations do not disappear, but I have gained the knowledge and resources to overcome them. The possibility of change now is within me and the power to choose how to deal with emotions is mine. No pills, not relying on chemistry, just on yourself. The techniques I have learnt are simple and clean! And the most important aspect is that I am totally autonomous. Angela taught me how to guide myself through my learning and I never became dependent on her sessions, so I finished my therapy feeling empowered and full of energy.VP, London
I needed help in coping with a phobia and anxiety, which from childhood into my 70s had always been a problem. I'd tried many different treatments in the past, to no avail, to help me overcome these problems which affected my life so much. I heard about what Matt Greenshields did and arranged for him to see me at my home and was very impressed by the way he offered advice and helped me overcome my problems by giving me hypnosis sessions and excellent self-hypnosis recordings to listen to. I also found him to be such a good listener too, which showed me he generally cared and was able to talk to and treat me as an individual person. Above all he understood me so well and why I was finding it so hard to overcome the phobia and being so anxious. This went a long way in helping overcome these problems, which has made such a difference to my life now. It's taken me a long time to feel and be the person I always wanted to be - and with Matt's help I've got there in the end. I can't thank him enough for the way he's helped me, as I'm so much better now and feel so much better in myself.CT, London
I decided to try hypnotherapy with Angela after having a fear of dogs since I was a child, which meant I always had to cross the road to avoid them. After one relaxed session I am now able to face these situations and carry on walking without my heart in my mouth. I am even capable of sharing a house with one for several days. I can recommend hypnotherapy to anyone as a gentle way of dealing with fears and insecurities, which is very effective from the first session.EM, Spain
I met Matt 4 months ago when I was very distressed about the death of my girlfriend and needed some help. It was very good for me because I learned a lot including that I can't take responsibility for everyone in my life. I also learned to understand and communicate with my body, which has helped me greatly with the pain I was experiencing. I would recommend Matt to anyone looking for this kind of help"BR, London
Last year I decided to try hypnosis as a method to give up smoking. I had been smoking since I was 15 and for the last 10 years I was smoking 20 cigarettes a day. One day I realised that I was dependent on cigarettes and I got scared. I did a couple of different therapies in my attempt to give up but they didn't work. I really wanted to give up but it was impossible. My girlfriend told me about hypnosis and I got in touch with Angela. When I went to the session I was decided to give up once and for all. Angela's work was exceptional. I just followed the sound of her voice and that magical atmosphere. Even now I still don't know how it happened, but I stopped smoking in just one session. After that session sometimes I thought about picking up a cigarette, but it was easy to say NO and when I spoke about my experience with other people, to my surprise I felt as if tobacco was something from long time ago and not a part of my life any more. It's been a year now and, for the first time in my life, I can say without a doubt that I am an ex-smoker.AR, Spain
In October 1999 I had two slipped discs which were later replaced with plastic ones all held together by titanium screws (6 in all). As a result my left leg has tingled constantly, sometimes badly, sometimes not too badly, because of damaged nerves. Since my one hypnotherapy session the misery in my left leg has been considerably reduced with only low irritation on the few occasions on which it has recurred. After more than 13 years with an irritating and irritable leg I can only conclude that Mr. Greenshield's hypnotherapy has given me great relief, for which I am exceedingly grateful.CA, Stoke on Trent
I saw Angela’s card on the board at my work gym. At the time, I’d been experiencing some quite specific panics and fears on a regular basis and was also finding my complete lack of confidence and fear of public speaking quite difficult to manage at work. Things felt like they were out of hand and my control, and had escalated to the point where I needed help from someone experienced. I left my very first session with Angela feeling like a weight had been lifted off my chest. She was always non-judgmental, understanding and caring, so that I opened up and told her things that I felt ashamed about telling people who know me well. Any concern that sounded absurd to my own ears (such as being afraid of sharks in bed) was always treated with the utmost care and respect. Angela never made me feel that my fears were ridiculous but that they were understandable – if unhelpful and unfounded. She helped me to locate my fears, understanding their origin and what they were really reflective of; what was at the root of the problem and what therefore needed to be tackled at a deeper level ... We used various different techniques, including EFT and regression, and I always felt like Angela was giving her all to my problem – and that she would always have been open to me telling her if I didn’t feel a certain approach was working for me. Her approach is gentle and nurturing and I always felt very safe in our sessions. They also proved to be very interesting for me; it felt like I was finding out so much about myself, with her help, and finally being able to understand some of the reasons why I behave and feel the way that I do. It was something of a journey of self-discovery! My confidence grew and grew and by the time I finished my sessions with Angela I felt, and acted, like a completely different person. Even better, from the very first session Angela equipped me with the tools I needed to help me to help myself. I still have a list of strategies and techniques to employ if I feel myself starting to slide back down the road that led me to Angela and that is one of the best things to have come out of our time together. I don’t feel dependent on her, but instead empowered to be able to continue working on my issues alone, and to recognise warning signs about where my thought process is taking me so that I can stop it in its tracks.PE, London
Dear Matt. Just a note to say that my walking has much improved since the session of hypnotherapy I had from you. I have been able to get in some walking almost daily and it is lovely to get out and about again. Although my knees are much better, do you think you can do the same for my back and hips? I hope so! Many thanks.LB, Herts.
I had four sessions with Angela this summer regarding assuming a sugar-free diet and I am delighted with the result. Apart from a couple of slips I have remained sugar-free for three months, something I thought might be impossible to achieve. As a result I feel great and I can thoroughly recommend the sessions, which I found both relaxing and effective.JL, London

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