Past Courses

We’ve been priviledged to host courses by some of the world’s leading holistic therapy teachers.

April 2018 - Subpersonality Integration and Soul Retrieval with Jack Elias

Effortless Coaching & Counselling for Personal Fulfillment & Professional Success. This course co-hosted with TurnOn Britain had 13 participants.

September 2017 - Buddha and the Therapist with Jack Elias

Releasing Heart Shame & Developing Integrated Fearlessness & Unrelenting Enthusiasm. This exciting and extremely popular course co-hosted with TurnOn Britain had 28 participants.

June 2015 - Vivation Emotional Healing Breathwork Workshop with Paul Hughes

This fascinating and sometimes hilarious workshop with the world's leading Vivation trainer was greatly enjoyed by the 5 participants

October 2014 - Spontaneous Solutions: The Art & Skill of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP with Jack Elias

Jack's first course in the UK was fully subscribed with 15 participants and a video is available from Jack's website.