If you are struggling or afraid, you are on the wrong track!Jack Elias, CHT Author of Finding True Magic: Transpersonal Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy / NLP

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 this training has been postponed. We will provide updates as circumstances develop.

Living from true desire has nothing to do with fear and struggle. If you have ever longed for greater clarity in communicating your desires, join us in this unique 3 day workshop “Living from True Desire” with Jack Elias.

Jack is known for leading workshops that are engaging, transformative, and fun. He has a knack for connecting with participants with entertaining logic and bold humour. In this workshop, he will teach powerful techniques for holistic communication to help you instantly connect with your heart’s true desire. Expect “light bulb” moments and healing releases!

Jack has been giving seminars in London since 2006. He is known for his elegant and effective way of explaining powerful insights and techniques. It is common for participants to experience profound releases during just a few minutes interacting with Jack. Freed of obstacles, fears and confusions, participants in Jack’s workshops experience the delight of reclaiming their natural inspiration and joy.

Do you do healing work? In his 32 years of private practice and training, Jack Elias has helped a multitude of therapists and coaches who say, “I am so good at helping others, why can’t I help myself?” This seminar will help you be a better coach, therapist, or counselor because you will learn how to actually be a genuine friend to yourself. What you will learn:

• How to generate enlivening clarity to accomplish holistic communication with yourself, with others, and throughout your community.

• How to do Subpersonality Integration & Soul Retrieval for the highest benefit of yourself and others. Developed by Jack Elias, this intriguing approach brings together Buddhist insights & techniques with Hypnotherapy and NLP skills.

• By integrating your own Subpersonalities and Soul fragments, you will learn to establish deep rapport and produce beneficial outcomes for your inner self and with your friends and communities.

Places are limited, so reserve yours early!

What are Subpersonalities?

We are inherently a whole being. But to retain learnings and survival skills our creative capacity generates compartmentalized “subpersonalities” or “parts.”

The parts holding comfortable and functional learnings and experiences are easily accessible and relatable.

But those holding dysfunctional habitual patterns infused with painful shame, grief, and trauma confuse us, block us, or control us from the subconscious “shadows” of our being. They need to dismantled or transformed in order to be Awake, living as our Authentic Self.

As you integrate your parts and retrieve your soul fragments, you can share your inner harmony and clarity with others effortlessly, free of struggle, stress, and fear, whether they are friends or clients. You are easily present, genuine, and insightful.

Join us to cultivate creative, healthy qualities of Being that awaken and nurture you:

  1. Learn to Connect with Hidden “Parts” and change them from Resistors to Partners in healing and creativity
  2. Discover how to Dismiss False Desires that diminish us and cause us to live as a false self
  3. Discover how to Recognize and Manifest True Desires that Uplift us into living as our Authentic Self
  4. Learn to Resolve Habitual Patterns of Conflict to create strong bonds of friendship and dynamic communities
  5. Learn to Engage Trance Dynamics that Liberate, Heal, and Turn On your Creativity

About Jack Elias

Author, therapist, and trainer Jack Elias has been helping his clients make transformative discoveries since 1988, in private sessions as well as in trainings at his Seattle school, The Institute for Therapeutic Learning. He works with an international clientele and students, in person and via videoconferencing.

Jack’s groundbreaking book, Finding True Magic: Transpersonal Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy/NLP, is used in hypnotherapy schools throughout the world as a holistic approach to Mind/Body healing. Finding True Magic offers a unique synthesis of Eastern and Western perspectives and techniques.

Jack has had the immense good fortune to train with great masters Shunryo Suzuki Roshi, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Swami Muktananda, and Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche. In their company, Jack learned the powerful practice of Dynamic Presence. Through his Finding True Magic workshops and trainings, and in his clinical practice, Jack is dedicated to passing on the essence of what he has learned from these great teachers.