Holistic CounsellingHolistic counselling helps you heal, integrate and develop mind and body to be able to enjoy life to the full. We help you create the changes you want in a various ways including talking, visualisation, breath and body work, EFT and NLP - and because you're always involved, you take what you've learned to use in the future. We can help you rediscover your natural inner calm, joy, clarity and good health and be who you want to be.

Angela and Matt are experienced counsellors with 18 years practice and study of eastern psychology, meditation and healing techniques.

Call 07572 906762 or message us for a free, no-obligation initial consultation

Session prices:
60 minutes - £70
Block of 3 sessions paid in advance - £200 - 5% discount

"I saw Angela’s card on the board at my work gym. At the time I’d been experiencing some quite specific panics and fears on a regular basis and was also finding my complete lack of confidence and fear of public speaking quite difficult to manage at work. Things felt like they were out of hand and my control and had escalated to the point where I needed help from someone experienced. I left my very first session with Angela feeling like a weight had been lifted off my chest. She was always non-judgmental, understanding and caring, so that I opened up and told her things I felt ashamed about telling people who know me well ...

We used various different techniques including EFT and regression and I always felt like Angela was giving her all to my problem and that she would always have been open to me telling her if I didn’t feel a certain approach was working for me. Her approach is gentle and nurturing and I always felt very safe in our sessions. They also proved to be very interesting for me - it felt like I was finding out so much about myself with her help and finally being able to understand some of the reasons why I behave and feel the way I do. It was something of a journey of self-discovery!

My confidence grew and grew and by the time I finished my sessions with Angela I felt and acted like a completely different person. Even better, from the very first session Angela equipped me with the tools I needed to help myself. I still have a list of strategies and techniques to employ if I feel myself starting to slide back down the road that led me to Angela and that is one of the best things to have come out of our time together. I don’t feel dependent on her, but instead empowered to be able to continue working on my issues alone and to recognise warning signs about where my thought process is taking me so I can stop it in its tracks."
PE, London



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